About WhatsUp Gold

Reinventing IT management software

Applications, networks, security and beyond

Ipswitch is the leader in easy to try, buy and use IT management software. Known for fair prices, honest business practices, and software that works out of the box.

The kind of simply powerful software needed to manage today’s cloud, virtual and networked environments. Enabling and delighting IT Teams everywhere to perform like never before.

WhatsUp Gold helps you address the business challenges of;

- Time

- When something goes wrong

- How long before your users call?

- How much does downtime cost?

- Your IT infrastructure supports your core business

- How fast can you assess, diagnose and fix?

Ipswitch was founded in 1991 on a simple premise: to produce IT software that took what was possible and made it practical. The award winning software is now monitoring over 150,000 networks and 10 million devices.

DNA Connect have been a partner of Ipswitch for over 15 Years and have won a number of awards including;

- 2004 Distributor Of The Year

- 2009 Largest Ipswitch International Sale

- 2011 Distributor Of The Year

- 2016 Distributor Of The Year

Discovery & Network Mapping

Powerful Layer 2/3 discovery that can generate detailed maps of the core, Windows, wireless and virtual infrastructures and more.

Network Traffic Analysis

Get detailed and actionable data on which users, apps, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.

Net & App Performance Monitoring

Turnkey app profiles let you easily monitor availability performance of Linux systems, Apache web servers and popular Microsoft apps.

Experience IT Monitoring Re-imagined

WhatsUp Gold 2017 features TotalView the industry's most flexible monitoring approach. Monitor any mix of networks, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows across Windows, LAMP, Java and cloud environments. Reallocate licenses wherever and whenever you want without additional cost.

Monitor Your Virtual Environment

Automatically generate dynamic maps, with a single click, drill down to view performance data on any virtual resource on the map.

Config. Management

Automate configuration storage, changing and permissions control to eliminate manual effort and potential errors.

SLA Reporting

Monitor Windows, Linux, Apache, Java and custom applications. Use out of the box profiles to assure that you meet your SLAs.

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